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Semaforo Vecchio, 16032, Camogli (GE)
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Other services
The Operator guarantees that their accommodation: 1) Does not use coal or diesel as fuels. 2) The faucets have flow reducers to limit water consumption. 3) The light bulbs are energy saving. 4) Has been built without defacing the territory and is not the result of property speculation. 5) The surroundings of the building aren't polluted and don't present any risk to the guests' health and safety.
We accept animals

History of the hut

The spot, located on top of the promontory (610m), was chosen as semaphore station for sea and land signalling. Later, as fog frequently hid the summit of Mount Portofino, a new semaphore station was built in lower position. Semaforo Vecchio is mentioned in ancient documents, first as signalling station (by fire and smoke), then as French “Claude Chappe” telegraph station during the Napoleonic era. Today, its restored buildings are used by the Park and the Civil Protection.

How to reach and use the hut

The hut is on the summit of the promontory, and can be reached by several paths. The shortest way (45 mins) from a place that can be reached by car is from the parking lot in Portofino Vetta (Gps coord: 44.335907 – 9.170662). From the parking lot, follow first the signs to Pietre Strette and Portofino Mare (trail signage: a red square); when you reach Gaixella (indicators No 12 and 13), follow the signs to Semaforo Vecchio (signage: three red dots). There are six beds in the hut (three bunk beds in one room), and room for four more (planking on a loft at the entrance).

Price and booking

Each hut bed is available for €15 per night per person (€10 for members of CAI, FIE, ANA, AGESCI, as well as for sports or religious groups, who can enjoy their association’s special conditions, provided they have their valid card during the stay). The price includes the tourist tax

Using the box below, you can check available dates and book the arrival day (from 12 noon on) and the departure day (before 12 noon), paying with credit card or PayPal.

If you wish to have the hut for yourself, you need to book all ten beds. Partial bookings leave others the possibility to book the remaining beds: in this case, you may have to share the hut with others.

Bivypass keypad, to enter without keys!

Using the box below, you can book online the hut, several months or a few minutes in advance. Upon booking, you will receive the access code on your e-mail; by dialling the code on the keypad, you can open the hut’s door at any time between 12 noon of the booked day and 12 noon of the following day, without need to collect the keys from the hut’s keeper, or to return them.

ATTENTION: as the code allows you to enter on the booked date anyway, wrong bookings cannot be changed or reimbursed!

Adequate distancing: check by mail!

If you would like to book several hut beds for a day that is still completely free, make sure to be part of the same family or a group of friends who are already aware of the appropriate distancing to be taken: check the bed layout, and then book freely.

Instead, if you would like to book one or more hut beds for a day in which, at least, one bed is already booked, we suggest you send an email to often the members of a group come from different towns and book a few hours apart.

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