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Cima della Valletta Monte Saccarello, 18010, Triora (IM)
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The Mountain Hut

The mountain hut is located on the ridge between Mont Frontè and Mount Saccarello (Ligurian Alps), near Cima Valletta della Punta, at an altitude of 2,054 meters. It is located along the High Route of the Ligurian Mountains and Grand Italian Trail and is an excellent support point for people who walk the Limone-Monesi Upper Salt Road.
Built in 1950 and extended in 1984, the building consists of two floors. On the ground floor is the dining room, with a kitchenette and sink; there is a wood-burning stove in the room. From the hall, toilets can be accessed. On the upper floor is the dormitory with 24 beds. Lighting is provided by photovoltaic panels, the kitchen is gas-fired, and the water comes from rainwater collection, so it is not considered potable, but can be used for all other purposes.

How to reach the mountain hut

The mountain hut, Owned by CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Sanremo, can be reached from all the nearby villages, starting from the upper Argentina Valley (Verdeggia, Passo della Guardia, Colle del Garezzo, Colla Ardente), the Monesi valley and the upper Val Roya (La Brigue). The shorter itineraries make it possible to reach the mountain hut in about two hours’ walk along normal hiking trails (difficulty E), which are also accessible by mountain bike and e-Mtb.
For a specific description of the most common accesses, please refer to the appropriate page on the Cai Sanremo website.
The mountain hut is also on the High Route of the Ligurian Mountains and serves as an intermediate stopover point between San Bernardo di Mendatica and Colla Melosa.
The mountain hut can be used to make crossings along the Vie del Sale (Salt Roads) that connect the coast and the Ligurian hinterland to the Alpine valleys of Basso Piemonte and Val Roya.
From the mountain hut, there is easy access to the Statue of the Redeemer and the nearby mountaintop of Monte Saccarello, which at 2,200 metres is the highest top in Liguria and an important geographic junction for the provinces of Cuneo and Imperia and the Département des Alpes Maritimes

Information on how to use the mountain hut

– Toilets: toilets are essential, there is no shower and no hot water.
– Dormitory: the use of a sheet or sleeping bag is compulsory in the mountain hut. Two blankets are available per bed, to be folded up and stored in the wardrobes provided (lay-out).
– Gas system: next to the inside entrance door are gas shutters, to be opened and closed according to the type of hob you wish to use. In the anteroom there are two other shutters, connected directly to the cylinders. Open shutter No. 1 and in case shutter No. 2 (second cylinder).
– Facilities: there are pots and dishes available for guests to wash, dry and store in the cupboards provided, a stove and wood for heating, and a socket for charging mobile phones.
– Water: there is a sluice gate at the top in the wall behind the table and one at the bottom to supply water to the bathroom. Under the sink in the kitchen there is a sluice gate that controls the sink tap.
– Water in winter: in the coldest months of the winter season, the water system is usually frozen, and water can only be had at the sink by heating the mountain hut well. Check that there is water before using the toilet. Use the snow melt water for all purposes.
– Waste management: all waste should be taken down to the valley. It is forbidden to leave perishable food, started jars and tins as well as rubbish of any kind in the larder.
– Shoes: the use of boots or shoes used outside is forbidden in the mountain hut, so it is necessary to bring appropriate footwear or use the slippers available inside on the special rack.
– Dogs in the mountain hut: staying overnight or bringing dogs into the mountain hut is not allowed.
– Woodshed: an external woodshed with keys inside the mountain hut is present and can be used.
– Closing the mountain hut: at the end of your stay, make sure you leave the mountain hut tidy, clean the premises (in particular the toilets and the dining area) and properly close the shutters and sluice gates; once you have left, secure the external door with a special latch.
– CAI member discount: to be eligible for the CAI member rate, you should be a member with a membership card up to date with the current year. The membership card should be shown to Section officials in the event of a check.


The historic alpine mountain hut of Passo Garlenda, granted to the CAI of Imperia by the Military Engineers of Genova, was inaugurated on 31 July 1931. >>>

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Using the box below, you can book online the hut, several months or a few minutes in advance. Upon booking, you will receive the access code on your e-mail; by dialling the code on the keypad, you can open the hut’s door at any time between 12 noon of the booked day and 12 noon of the following day, without need to collect the keys from the hut’s keeper, or to return them.

ATTENTION: as the code allows you to enter on the booked date anyway, wrong bookings cannot be changed or reimbursed!

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