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The Operator guarantees that their accommodation: 1) Does not use coal or diesel as fuels. 2) The faucets have flow reducers to limit water consumption. 3) The light bulbs are energy saving. 4) Has been built without defacing the territory and is not the result of property speculation. 5) The surroundings of the building aren't polluted and don't present any risk to the guests' health and safety.
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Lago Scuro Bivouac

A bivouac for hikers located along the “Alta Via dei Parchi” in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park. In the upper valley of the Parma stream, on the slopes of the Apennine ridge and plunged into an alpine landscape, the Park renovated an old shepherd’s hut, restoring its inner spaces and transforming into a welcoming and peaceful bivouac for hikers. This is a “kept” refuge and therefore booking is required, along with the payment of a fee (covering cleaning and maintenance).

At about 1,520 mt. a.s.l., in a peat bog near Lago Scuro and at the base of Monte Matto, there is the bivouac, one of the most beautiful stop-off points in the upper Val Parma.

Plunged into the typical high mountain landscape, characterised by wetlands surrounded by pastures and beech woods, this bivouac is the ideal destination for those wishing to spend their night near the ridge.

The Bivouac can accommodate four people and is equipped with toilets, a wood-burning stove, non-drinking running water and electric lighting from photovoltaic panels. Situated on CAI path no. 713, the bivouac is a stop-off point for those who cover the second stop of the Alta Via dei Parchi, from Lago Santo Parmense to Prato Spilla. It is also a logistics base for organising multi-day treks along the endless and beautiful paths of upper Val Parma.

Prices, booking and access

The bivouac is available for 20,00 euro per night; using the box below, you can check the available dates first, and then book the arrival date (from 12:00 noon onwards) and the departure one (within 12:00 noon), paying by credit card or with your PayPal account.

You and the other people with you undertake to access and use the bivouac with care, replenishing the stocks of wood inside, and leaving it tidy (the bivouac’s manager, as well as the next user, can perform periodic checks and report any problems arising. This will be taken into consideration before accepting other bookings from the “non-compliant” guest).

The BivyPass keyboard, to enter without keys!

The box here below allows you to book the refuge online several months or just a few minutes in advance. Those who have booked will be sent an access code by e-mail, to be typed on the keypad to open the refuge door at any time, from 12:00 noon on the day booked to 12:00 noon the following day, without having to collect or return the keys to its manager. PLEASE NOTE: since the code provided will allow access on the scheduled date, wrong Further information!



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