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It is a voluntary association founded in 1984 by residents and friends of the Tèra Brigašca, with the aim of:

1) defending and enhancing the historical and artistic heritage (environment, material and cultural assets handed down by ancestors) in the territories of origin.
2) protecting the Brigasc language, ascribed to the Occitan group by Law 482/99.
3) protecting the material, social and cultural heritage through sustainable initiatives.

In its almost 35 years of activity, “A Vaštéra” has promoted and developed its own magazine: “A Vaštèra, šcartari de Gènte Brigašche”, a trilingual (Italian, French, Brigasc) six-monthly publication, supported the traditional singing choir “I Cantauu”, created a museum in Realdo “A Cà di Brigaschi”, and, above all, has tried to reconstruct the identity of the Brigasc people, dismembered and separated by political borders, but still intact in terms of language, culture and sentiment.

The highlight of the Brigasc people is the “Ëncontr’ ën Tèra Brigašca”, a festive gathering of the Brigasc people that takes place ever year on the first Sunday of September in one of their eight centres.

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